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Do you ever wish you could just live in your yoga clothes? I know I do.

I recently had a coffee spilling accident at work, pouring a cup all over myself instead of into my mouth. A dreadful situation to many, but I was thrilled to have an excuse to change into my favourite yoga pants that I (thankfully) had with me. I instantly felt more comfortable and spent the rest of my work day resisting the temptation to melt into downward facing dog.

Granted, yoga is not about how you look or what you’re wearing, but the right yogi gear will definitely make you feel more comfortable and able to focus on your practice.

Whether it’s for yoga class or your everyday outfits, here’s the 10 Yoga Brands & Shops You Need to Know.

1. Teeki

My absolute favorite yoga tights are from Teeki! They fit like a second skin and I use any excuse to slip into them, whether it’s for yoga class or when I’ve just spilled coffee all over my jeans. Teeki are an eco and sustainability couscous brand that make yoga tights and clothes from recycled water bottles through an eco friendly process.

2. Yoga Rebel

Yoga Rebel is a big online shop based out of England. So if you’re in Europe, here’s where you can get your hands on those international brands without having to deal with extra import taxes and crazy shipping charges. Yoga Rebel stock brands like Teeki, Spiritual Gangster, Alo Yoga, Manduka, Onzie, and more.

3.  RE3

RE3recycle, reform and revive are another eco and sustainability conscious brand. Just like Teeki, they create their tights from recycled plastic bottles. They’ve got lots of gorgeous prints, I have yet to try them but have got my eyes on a pair or two.

4. Electric & Rose

Electric & Rose sell yoga and activewear for men and women. They’ve got both tights, tops, comfy loungewear, as well as some accessories and yoga mats. If you’re looking for edgy and pretty prints, Electric & Rose is your game.

5. La Vie Boheme Yoga

La Vie Boheme sell absolutely beautiful yoga mats! I’ve been drooling over their prints for a long time and been tempted to get one. They sell a small selection of yoga clothes as well that come in the same prints as the yoga mats. You know, if matching your outfit to your mat is your thing.

6. Love Zuvi

Love Zuvi have a whole bunch of pretty yoga tights in all kinds of patterns. Just like many of the other brands mentioned here, they’re an eco friendly brand that – you guessed it – create their yoga tights from recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottle yoga tights is definitely a thing.

7. Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster are sort of the cool kids on the block. If you’re into one-liner tees and tanks then their Peace, Love, Yoga tops or their Namaste tanks might be for you. They also sell some accessories like water bottles (complete with those aforementioned yogi quotes).

8. Eagle Rock Werkshop

Eagle Rock Werkshop‘s clothing stands out a bit among the other brands mentioned here. Their prints are playful and have some unique patterns, like pirates, super heroes, or mermaids printed across the legs of their tights.

9. Evolve Fit Wear

Evolve Fit Wear is like a department store for everything yoga. They stock an absolute ton of brands, all geared towards yoga. You can filter and search on the site based on different workout types (for example yoga clothing, hot yoga clothing, or lounge clothing) or draw inspiration from their lookbook.

10. Manduka

If you’re at all into yoga, you’re bound to have come across the name Manduka at one point or another. Manduka specialize in yoga mats for teachers and students. They also sell yoga accessories like blocks, bolsters, bags, and towels.

So, what are your favorite pair of yoga tights? Did I mention them here or have I missed your favorite shop for yoga clothes?

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  1. Amanda Nygren Reply

    Åh vilken bra guide! Är så trött på alla svarta tights som säljs över allt ;)

    • Ja, eller hur! Jag gillar ju mina lite mer färgglada och unika tights, som du alltid så snällt ger mig komplimanger för också. :)

  2. Thanks for this list. Some of these are new to me, and other’s are not. I also like cork yoga products like Yoloha. On the online classes side, I love Yoga International – http://yogainternational.com – really fund to explore and learn with different teachers and styles.

    • Thanks for the tips Dana! I haven’t heard of these brands so I’ll definitely check them out.

      xx Tina

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning ZuVi! ✌?️?♻️
    Do you own any ZuVi’s? We’d love to send you a pair! Email me :)

    • Great info, thanks for sharing. Several I haven’t heard of and can’t wait to check them out.
      You can never have too many leggings :)
      I like Hot Chakras Yoga too. Great prints and
      fits me great. Namaste

      • I totally agree, Omgirl! I love my yoga tights and have so many pretty ones (but somehow keep finding more pairs I want). I haven’t heard of Hot Chakras Yoga, will definitely check them out! Thanks for the tip!

        Namaste xx

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