Sustainability Resources

When it comes to climate breakdown and the state of the natural world, there just isn’t enough attention given to it in media. That why it’s so important that we do our own research to understand what is happening, and what we can do to help stop the alarming and rapid climate breakdown and the effects of it.

Reading books, articles, listening to podcasts, and watching documentaries are some of the ways I am gaining an understanding of what is happening (as scary as it is), and learning how I can change my lifestyle and habits to live sustainably.

This list of resources (that is constantly expanding) is a collection of some of all the books, podcasts, articles, and documentaries I have read, listened to, or watched – or that I want to read, listen to, or watch.


Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life
Talking Tastebuds
Outrage and Optimism
Steg för Steg (Swedish podcast)
Klimatpodden (Swedish podcast)
Resa Reko (Swedish podcast)
The Green Indy Sustainability Podcast
Reversing Climate Change
Plant Proof – Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories
The Minimalists Podcast


The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell
Being the Change by Peter Kalamus
101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kahryn Kellogg
The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker
The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells
Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle
Love Earth Now by Cheryl Leutjen
Drawdown by Paul Hawken
How to Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum
Earth in Human Hands by David Grinspoon
To Die for by Lucy Siegle
Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet. by Ashlee Piper
How We Can Save the Planet by Mayer Hillman, Tina Fawcett, and Sudhir Chella Rajan
The Minimalist Vegan by Michael Ofei and Maša Ofei


The True Cost
One Planet
An Inconvenient Truth
Before the Flood
The Years of Living Dangerously
The 11th Hour
A Beautiful Planet
Chasing Ice