About me

TinaHi! I’m Tina.

I’m passionate about sustainability, minimalism, and living in a way that doesn’t ruin the natural world.

I also feel an enormous amount of worry and anxiety about the state of the world and that seemingly nothing is being done about climate breakdown, the extinction of millions of species, and the destruction of ecosystems.

Banana Bloom has evolved through the years but has always been a kind of outlet for my thoughts, passions, and interests.

I have spent a big portion of my life trying to figure out who I am and what I like (it’s an ongoing process really). Banana Bloom has been a reflection of that in many ways. From sharing my vegan baking and recipes to my struggles with eating disorders, I feel like I have finally identified the one thing that has been a constant passion throughout my life – minimalism and sustainability.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a tremendous aversion to the way we consume things. Seeing the way we consume fast fashion and work ourselves sick to earn more money so that we can buy more stuff makes me so sad (I hate Black Friday and the like with a passion). Our consumption habits are destroying the world and making its inhabitants increasingly unhappy.

I believe that owning fewer things and consuming less stuff, will undoubtedly grant us a calmer, happier and more fulfilling life. Things and stuff will never make us happy. Living in a home full of things will not make us feel more accomplished, loved or cherished as humans.

I’m constantly striving to own less stuff, consume less, and lead a lifestyle that is sustainable and doesn’t contribute to the destruction of the world. It is an ongoing and never ending process, and I am by no means perfect. I’m constantly learning and trying to adapt and change to live more sustainably.

In addition to my passions above, I also like to work out. I move my body in some way every day and I love to get a good sweat on. I mostly lift weights at the gym and love to go for walks and listen to podcasts (sometimes I run too).

I’ll likely appear awkward and go silent if you start talking to me about your diet. That’s because I spent years of my life battling eating disorders, but have come out on the right side of it. Now, I work daily to sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. That means I eat enough nutritious food (with a healthy amount of sweets too) to sustain myself through workouts and a full time job. I live in Stockholm, Sweden where I work as an art director at a digital agency.

You can contact me by emailing tina@bananabloom.com. You’ll also find me on Instagram – @banana.bloom