Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend even though we’ve all spent it in a different way this year. Last month I posted the first of a new theme on Banana Bloom – the monthly round up. These posts are a collection of interesting or uplifting things I’ve read lately. And it’s already time for the second post in this new series.

Here’s the second monthly round up of things that have caught my interest lately:

The Monthly Round up #2

  1. Are Consumers Finally Sick of Consuming? We’re moving towards an anti-consumerist world (finally!) and brands need to adapt.
  2. There’s a new certification label in fashion. This one is supposed to give an indication of a fasshion label’s climate commitment. Think “Fair Trade” och “Organic” labels.
  3. We should be using copper more, it’s a natural virus-killer.
  4. Fans of the Netflix series “Sex Education” will soon be able to rent Otis’s house. Dreamy! Also, if you’ve not seen (binged) Sex Education yet, get on it!
  5. This bacteria can eat the unrecyclable foam in couch cushions and running shoes. How long will it take for it to eat all the plastic polluting our oceans?
  6. Netflix tip: If you haven’t seen Unorthodox yet, watch it! I binged the mini-series and am now reading the book by Deborah Feldman (ad link) that the series is based on.

That’s all for this month’s round up. What interesting, fun or positive news have you read this month?

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