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Yoga is far from a superficial occupation. It’s not about what you are wearing, or what you look like, if you’ve got the latest trendy pair of tights, or the most expensive yoga mat.

One of the beauties of yoga is that it’s for everyone. It can be done anytime, anywhere, and without any special equipment necessary – other than your own body and soul.

A true yogi knows that you can stop drop and yoga anywhere, anytime, regardless of what you are wearing, or if you’ve got a fancy mat to step onto.

But, as with any topic of interest, there’s nifty and creative people out there making products that can serve that hobby. And the increasing interest in yoga has inspired a lot of new brands.

A couple of months ago I shared a post on 10 yoga brands and shops you need to know. But yoga gear is ranging a lot further than “just” yoga tights. There’s a whole world of yoga accessories, jewellery, and props out there.

Despite yoga not being about the superficial, what we wear on or off the mat is definitely a way for us to express our personalities and creativity. In essence, we’re extending an expression of our personality by decorating ourselves in clothes, jewellery, and other accessories that appeal to us.

Whether you’re a yoga girl (or guy), here’s 20 yoga accessory shops you’ll love.

20 Yoga Accessory Shops You’ll Love

Nina Mantra

I love supporting small crafty businesses on Etsy. Nina Mantra is one of many who makes beautiful and elegant rings, necklaces, and bracelets using gorgeous minerals and gemstones.

Static Jewellery

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry with a specific symbol, you might find it at Static Jewellery. They sell all kinds of gorgeous boho and yoga inspired jewellery – like elephant rings, septum jewelery,and  gemstone necklaces.


Nagnata sell gorgeous and unique embroidered and embellished yoga bags and tote bags. The brand has a beautiful vision to cultivate positive change in the world. They support women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation, and ecological sustainability.


If you like your jewelery to carry a special meaning, Lokai bracelets are for you. Their beaded bracelets are infused with elements from the highest point of the earth (water from Mt. Everest) and the lowest (mud from the Dead Sea). The bracelets are meant to be a reminder to live a balanced life.

Suai Suai

I love Suai Suai. The brand is created by Stina, who crafts together gorgeous accessories and jewelry that’ll appeal to any boho or yoga girl, and at totally affordable prices. She’s got rings, necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry, and some pouches and bags.

The Fifth Element Life

If decorative patterns like madalas appeal to you, then you’ll love The Fifth Element Life. This shop sells a whole line of gorgeous rings and stones stamped with mandala patterns. They’ve even got a test on their site to help you find the mandala that best suits you.


One of the most popular and common “yoga accessories” are mala beads. Malas are beaded necklaces commonly used as prayer beads by Hindus and Buddhists, they are usually made from 108 beads. Mukhas sell traditional mala necklaces and bracelets in every color.


If you’re looking for eco friendly and unique yoga props and gear such as blocks, yoga wheels, water bottles, or yoga mats – make sure you check out Yolohayoga. Their products are made of cork and have a super cool look to them.

The Wild Unknown

In touch with your spiritual side or curious about tarot? Then you’ll want to check out the gorgeously illustrated tarot deck from The Wild Unknown. Aside from her signature deck, designer Kim Krans also sells other products with her beautiful hand illustrated prints on them.

Caroline Hjerpe

Swedish jewelery designer Caroline Hjerpe creates beautiful minimalistic jewelery. Some of her pieces hold symbols that would appeal to a free spirited yogi, such as her peace sign rings, as well as the delicate triangle and circle designs.


Beuniki have all kinds of fun boho jewelery at great prices. Check them out if you’re looking for fun pieces like lotus flower necklaces, dream catcher earrings, or affirmation bracelets.

Blooming Lotus Jewellery

Another great shop to check out for mala necklaces is Blooming Lotus Jewellery. They sell both a wide range of mala bead necklaces in different colors, as well as custom made mantra bars (necklaces or bracelets stamped with your personal mantra).

Stone and Violet

Stone and Violet make the coolest triangle shaped shelves, embossed with the moon cycle. They’d be a great storage for all those crystals and gems you’ve been collecting, or for jewelery safekeeping.

Indigo Lune

Indigo Lune sell a ton of gorgeous rings, necklaces, bracelets, and cuffs crafted with spiritual symbols like the Om sign, Buddha, feathers, lotus flowers, and elephants.

Lush Mala Beads

Shop owner and creator Mirka Jendriskova sells pretty mala bead necklaces in beautiful bright colors. Each one is also decorated with a gorgeous tassle or sparkling gemstone.

Malabella Jewels

Malabella Jewels are yet another mala shop. They sell mala necklaces and bracelets in stunning colors. For those of you who like color coordination, their pieces are all very well matched and tend to stick to one shade of bead per piece of jewelry.

Scarves Chrissy Ink

Chrissy Ink makes absolutely gorgeous scarves or “kimonos”. Each one is printed in bright and bold colors. The designs are symmetric with wings, feathers, flowers and dream catchers. I have the wing dreamcatcher scarf and love it.

For Good Luck

I’m slightly obsessed with the gorgeous jewelry and accessories from For Good Luck. Run by two Swedish women who have hand picked absolutely stunning gems that’ll appeal to every boho spirit out there.

All The Tiny Pieces

All The Tiny Pieces are, just that, tiny beautiful gemstones hanging delicately on thin chains. The products range from druzy necklaces, natural agate slices, to raw stones pieced together to be worn around your neck, wrist, or fingers.

The Beach People

The Beach People sell fancy beach towels that’ll spice up any visit to the sea. Their towels are unique both in shape and design with stand out patterns printed across the circular blankets. A beach towel for a true boho girl.

Where are your favorite yoga, boho, or gypsy style accessories from?


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