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Last Sunday my Pole Dance studio offered a special 90 minute workshop with pole dance professional Aggie Ng from New York. Usually the workshops with guest dancers are geared at the higher level students who have learned more advanced tricks. This one was however open to all levels, so I was eager to sign up.

Arriving to the studio on Sunday I discovered that all the other students were from advanced level courses, which of course had an impact on what tricks Aggie taught us during the workshop. A lot of it was unfortunately too advanced for me but Aggie was attentive and gave me variations to practice that were more suitable for my level of experience. And I did nail my first superman, which was a really awesome feeling and earned me a high five from Aggie.

It was a fun experience and I was in awe seeing Aggie Ng dance, she is extremely talented and can bend and stretch in ways you cannot imagine. Inspiration is an understatement, one day I hope to be as good as her!

Photos borrowed from Aggie Ng’s Instagram @snaglikeanag

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