This is a new weekly feature post series called “What I Loved This Week”. Each week, I’ll share a little roundup of whatever I’ve come across that I’ve either liked, or that’s stirred up some emotion in me.

Happy Halloween weekend!

It’s the first time in several years that we’ve not been to a Halloween party. The most Halloween-y thing I did was make some white chocolate truffles that I decided to call a “Halloween treat” for my boyfriend (who’s been asking for those truffles for ages). Did you do anything for Halloween?

I think the grey clouds that have overshadowed the city this past month have really tampered with my energy and emotions. I’ve been sleeping so poorly for over a week, tossing and turning every single night. It’s so frustrating!

I have so many things I want to write about, but I feel like the words are stuck between my mind and keyboard at the moment. Hopefully the flood gates will open over the next couple of days so I can get everything on my mind translated into posts here on Banana Bloom. Stay tuned.

Now, here’s this week’s roundup.

What I Loved This Week

These cute Halloween brownies remind me of the chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms my mom used to make when we were kids.

How cute are these Totoro Pumpkin Whoopie pies? Also, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies? Yes.

Super impressed by this Harry Potter themed buffét.

Couldn’t stop laughing at this video of someone reading questions with the word “pregnant” misspelled.

If you’re in New York City next week, I highly suggest you grab tickets to An Evening of Women’s Networking and Empowerment hosted by body positive activist and allround girlboss Dana “Do the Hotpants” Suchow.

I love that there is a huge upswing in the body positive movement and community. And mainstream media and brands are picking up on it. Like Kari Traa with their The Swedish Model-video, for example.

What’s the best thing you’ve come across online or elsewhere this week?

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