I get a little down in the dumps about the gloominess of this season, which makes it all the more important to find those little acts of self love to make this time of year more bearable. Here’s how to practice self love this season.

Last week, it started snowing like crazy in Sweden. Big wild flakes came pouring down for about 24 hours non-stop and left a thick blanket of snow. There’s something exciting and fascinating about the first big snow storm. Sure, it’s not particularly convenient, but the way it was falling and the puffy white blanket it left was pretty magical. It’s the type of weather that just makes me want to curl up with blankets and tea inside.

Regardless of your feelings towards snowy weather, these coming months of cold and darkness call for self love and finding ways to keep your spirits balanced. Here’s a couple of my go to tips.

How to Practice Self Love this season

How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com

How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.comHow to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com

Hot drinks

Naturally, we’ll want to spend more time indoors when it’s below freezing outside. I love getting cozied up with a hot drink and a good book or movie.

These past couple of weeks I’ve been sipping my way through a selection of Joe’s Tea Co. I brew them for 6 to 8 minutes, and then add a little bit of my favourite coconut & almond milk, it’s like a warm hug on a cold winter day.

How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com

New books

What better time of year to finally plough through some new books! I’ve stocked up on some new books I’m looking forward to reading these next couple of months. Right now I’m reading The Godess Revolution by Mel Wells. Next I want to read Washed Away: From Darkness to Light by Nikki Dubose.

Netflix and chill

Honestly, what better excuse to curl up on the sofa and plough through a series or two on Netflix? It’s cold and dark out. Enough said.

How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com

Mindfulness colouring books

Last Christmas I got no less than three mindfulness colouring books from a friend and my mom (who stood for two of the aforementioned three books). I spent hours colouring in them during those Christmas days off last year, cozied up inside with tea and all my most colourful pens. They’re serving as a great activity this year too. I like sitting on the floor and disappearing for hours into my colouring. It truly is mindfulness.

Take a bath

I’m lucky to have a bathtub, and a boyfriend who has made it his mission to always make sure there’s a good stock of Lush bath goodies for me to use. That being said, I struggle a lot with restlessness and have a hard time relaxing long enough to sit in the bath. But when I’m really cold, it’s the best kind of self care.

How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com

Mini spa

If you’re restless like me, a good alternative to taking a bath is doing a little mini spa. For me, this usually means rubbing off my old nail polish, giving my cuticles some love and care before applying a new polish, and finishing the whole ritual off by applying lotion on my hands, legs, and arms.
How to Practice Self Care this Season | http://BananaBloom.com

How do you practice self love during the cold and dark months?

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  1. All great ideas. I think all seasons have something to offer it is just appreciating them. Thank for putting the ideas out there. I am in for all them! I actually like winter – cold and snow as it slows me down to appreciate other activities.

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