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My workout routine is pretty ingrained. For over five years now, I’ve been working out early in the morning, 4-5 days a week. My alarm goes off at 6 am (sometimes earlier, depending on how close I’ve lived to the gym) and I get out of bed right away, throw my gym clothes on, and I’m out the door within 10 minutes.

People often tell me they don’t know how I do it – the thought of getting up so early, without snoozing, and on top of that doing something that requires strength and energy is crazy talk to them. I’ve had this routine for so many years now that it comes naturally to me, but I’ve found certain things that ease the early hour situation.

Here’s how I do it:

Prepare the night before
I always pack my bag for work and put my workout clothes out the night before so that my hazy morning brain doesn’t have to think. That way, all I need to do in the morning is brush my teeth, put my clothes on, tie my hair back, put my shoes and jacket on, and I’m out the door.

Don’t think, don’t snooze, just go
My most important trick is to get out of bed as soon as my alarm rings. My feet hit the floor at the same time as I’m turning my alarm off. I never snooze. And my alarm barely makes it through more than a split second of tune before I’m shutting it off. The key point here is to get moving before the excuses start to roll through your mind.

Breakfast at work
After my workout, I shower, do my make up and head to work. I eat my breakfast at work, which I also prepare the night before (usually a smoothie). If you feel hungry before your workout I’d suggest eating a fruit or a nut bar on your way to the gym.

I appreciate that getting into the morning workout routine takes practice, especially if you’re a snoozer, but with a bit of stubbornness you’ll do it. And it’ll be the best new routine you acquired. I feel energetic, focused, and awake on the days I get my workout in before work. The days I don’t, I’m a zombie all day (despite the extra hour of sleep).

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