If you’ve got a yoga loving friend (or perhaps are a yogi yourself) then this list of foolproof gift ideas for yogis is for you!

I’ve swept the internets to find the perfect collection of gifts for yogis. I think you can trust me on this one, after all, I’m a yoga loving… yogi myself!

Oh, and while we’re on this topic, let’s just remind ourselves of this:

Christmas is about so much more than the material things we exchange with each other on Christmas day. This is a time to share your companycompassion, love and care.

So keep that in mind in your shopping haze and try to only get the things you know someone wants, needs, or will use. The world could do with a little less waste and a little more love.

12 Foolproof Gift Ideas for Yogis

12 Foolproof Gift Ideas For Yogis | http://BananaBloom.com

1. Peace Ring

A peace ring seems rather fitting for a peaceful and loving yogi. I’ve been drooling over this one since I found it a couple of months ago.

2. Infinity Strap

Straps are a nice assistance for your yoga practice, and these infinity straps are a little bit of a different design to the classic straps you’ll find. They come in non-stretch or stretch material to suit different needs.

3. Purple yoga bra by gHwc on Etsy

I browse Etsy like most people browse Pinterest. There’s so much gorgeous stuff on there and I like the idea of supporting small independent designers and entrepreneurs. This sports bra is perfect for yogis, I love the detailed back.

4. Yoga Mat by La Vie Boheme Yoga

Regardless of level, every passionate yoga practitioner is eventually going to want or need a yoga mat of their own. If you want something more bold than a classic Manduka mat, then La Vie Boheme have a whole bunch of colorful and illustrated mats.

5. Yoga Block by Manduka

Another good assisting tool for yoga practice are blocks. Typically, you’d want a couple of these, to support you on both sides in for example splits, forward folds, or jump back practice. I really like these simple cork blocks from Manduka.

6. JOCO Coffee Cup

I got one of these gorgeously designed JOCO cups for my birthday this year and use it at the office for my hot drinks. It’s much more eco friendly and sustainable than those awful one-time-use paper or plastic cups.

7. OM Necklace by GreatLakesShop on Etsy

The familiar Om sign is often seen in relation to yoga. It’s a mantra commonly chanted at the beginning or end of a yoga session and is said to be the sound of the universe. Which makes these simple little pendant necklaces quite fitting for a yogi.

8. The Desire Map

I’ve had this book on my list for the longest time and keep seeing so many people raving about it. The Desire Map is a life planning tool focused on mapping out how you want to feel and the goals to get you to that feeling.

9. Teeki tights

Bet you saw this one coming? When it comes to yoga tights, Teeki are on the top of the list of many yogis (including myself). I have a couple of pairs of Teekis and they’re my absolute favorites. They fit like a second skin, which is perfect for melting into those asanas.

10. Rainbow Mandala Tapestry on Etsy

These gorgeous tapestries can be hung on the wall as art, used as a blanket, or as a rug for floor or park picnics. The mandala design is also common in the yoga world. Mandalas are a symbol of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

11. Charcoal Moon Tank Top

Another common element in yoga is the moon or the moon cycle. But this is also just a pretty top with a nice illustration on it. And it works for both yoga practice, beach bumming, or lounging.

12. Yoga Bag by Dye Grl

If your yoga loving friend has a mat, then they’re likely to be carrying it with them to yoga classes. This dip dye yoga bag makes transport easier and more colorful!

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

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