I recently shared 10 quick foodie questions and since food and workout go hand-in-hand I wanted to do a similar list of quick questions for working out. Also, both yummy and healthy food and working out are a huge part of my lifestyle and big interests of mine, and two of the main topics of this blog, so 12 Quick Workout Questions seemed appropriate.

12 Quick Workout Questions

What I listen to while working out

I always listen to something while working out, usually I just select a random workout playlist on Spotify or listen to my own workout list, which is a collection of random upbeat songs. When I tire of listening to music I listen to podcasts during my strength workouts. And I always listen to podcasts during my power walks.

My favorite kind of workout

Strength training! I love the feeling I get from a good strength workout, I feel strong and energized.

Fitness advice I don’t follow

I don’t follow any diets and I always do my best to tune out diet talk (which unfortunately all around us).

Favorite workout outfit

I have three pair of Gymshark tights, I love that they fit really snug but don’t feel too tight, and that they’re high waisted. When it’s hot out in the summer I really love the feeling of just wearing workout tights and a sports bra. However, that outfit is easier said than done. I’ve done it a couple of times but I still feel pretty self conscious working out with a bare stomach. It’s something I’m working on feeling more confident in.

3 things I always have in my workout bag

I work out early in the morning and then shower and go to work. So I always have a change of clothes, my makeup bag, and deodorant in my workout bag.

Favorite post-workout meal

Since I work out early in the morning, my post-workout meal is my breakfast. Breakfast is also one of my favorite meals of the day. My breakfast varies but a staple is oatmeal with protein powder, berries and peanut butter. I also often have a chopped up apple on the side, I love a cold sour green apple (I store my apples in the fridge).

3 things I love about working out

1. That it energizes me! 2. That it keeps me strong and healthy. 3. That it helps me clear my mind and is my “thing” that I do on my own.

Supplements I take

Since I mainly eat vegan/vegetarian I eat a general supplement for vegetarians that contains iron and b-vitamins etc. I’m also taking vegan omega.-3 right now, and I also supplement vegan vitamin d during the dark winter months. And I drink protein shakes now and then to add extra protein since I work out a lot.

What gives me motivation to workout

I’ve been strength training/working out for years and years, so it’s a big hobby of mine and a natural part of my life. So much so that not working out feels strange to me.  If I were to try to outline something in particular that is my motivation it would be the things I mentioned above that I love about working out.

Who inspires me in my training

Same as mentioned above, I feel motivated and inspired to work out just because it’s such a natural and big part of my life. But, I won’t deny that I’m inspired by other girls I see at the gym, athletes and similar. And girls I follow on Instagram etc. I’m careful to check myself regularly though and unfollow people who I notice are having a negative or stressful impact on me, making me feel not good enough rather than inspired and excited to work out.

My fitness advice

Don’t diet. And – do you. If you don’t like going to the gym, then don’t! If you hate going for runs, then don’t! Find an activity that makes you feel good and that you enjoy doing and do that. Do your best to avoid feeling pressured by what everyone else is doing or how everyone else is working out. We’re all different.

How I push through a tough run

I can be pretty stubborn when I go for a run. If I’ve decided I want to run a certain distance I just keep going until I’m done. When it gets really tough I usually just repeat “Just keep swimming…” like a mantra in my mind.

12 Quick Workout Questions

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