With the increased popularity and recognition of veganism, it’s not particularly difficult to survive as a vegan in a city like Stockholm. The list of places you can go to grab a vegan bite to eat or shop for animal free groceries is constantly growing.

So, instead of attempting to list all of the vegan friendly venues in Stockholm, here are some of my favourites:

Vegan in Stockholm: Vegan Cafés & Restaurants in Stockholm // https://bananabloom.com #vegan #stockholm

: Skånegatan 92 (Nytorget)  and  Hornsgatan 176 (Hornstull) | Website: Goodstore.se

I’ve been a big fan of Goodstore ever since they opened nearly ten years ago. Goodstore is an adorable little grocery store that stocks all vegan and mostly organic products. They’ve got everything from fresh organic vegetables to toiletries and vegan tortellini. They recently opened a second, slightly bigger, location in Hornstull in Stockholm.

Location: Hornsgatan 174 | WebsiteBagelstreet.se

Much thanks to encouragement from the staff of Goodstore (mentioned above) a lot of the restaurants and cafés in the Hornstull area are catering to vegans. Bagel Street café is one example of this, they’ve expanded their menu to include several vegan options, and they’re not your usual piece of bread with slice of tomato on it. Their bagels are packed with good stuff like vegan cream cheese and jam, vegan chick’n, hummus, avocado and peanut butter and jelly.

Location: Götgatan 21 | Website: Gotgatsbackenshalsokost.se

This little hole in the wall on Götgatsbacken sells pantry staples and some hard to find products and ingredients, such as mesquite powder and vegan protein powders. They also have a big wall of holistic medicine for those interested in natural medication.

Location: Folkkungagatan 68 | WebsiteGryningen.eu

Gryningen seem eager to keep up with current trends within the health and veggie industry. They stock groceries, fresh vegetables, pantry staples, snacks and have a big stock of holistic medication and natural organic beauty products and makeup. They also offer popular and trendy products like raw treats, green smoothies and acai.

Vegan in Stockholm: Sthlm Raw // https://bananabloom.com #stockholm #raw #vegan

Location: Långholmsgatan 11 | Website: Sthlmraw.se

Sthlm Raw opened in October 2014 and has already become wildly popular. The little café is often packed with people so go early if you want to get a seat. Sthlm Raw offer raw food, raw cakes, smoothies, juices, and raw balls. They switch up their menu from day to day so there’s always something new and exciting to try with each visit.

: Bondegatan 6 | Website: Mainlyraw.se

Matapoteket is a raw food café that offer lunch, raw cakes, juices, smoothies, and other health foods. Their daily lunch menu usually includes dishes like raw falafel, pizza or tapas. You can get lunch to eat at their café or to go, and they also offer raw food takeaway meals for dinner. And everything is vegan, of course.

Vegan in Stockholm: Hälsohörnan // https://bananabloom.com #stockholm #health #fitness #vegan

Location: Olofsgatan 6 | WebsiteFacebook page

Hälsohörnan (that’s Swedish for “the health corner”) is a favorite among health and fitness enthusiasts for their nutritious meals and snacks. They’re not completely vegan but have several vegan options on the menu, including raw treats and acai bowls. My favorite is their “mix your own”-salad bar, where you can ask them to throw together good stuff like hummus, beans, fresh fruit, tofu and a plethora of vegetables. They’ve also got plant based milk to suit your coffee preference.


Location: Hornsgatan 39 | WebsiteFalafelbaren.se

If you’re a fan of falafel then you won’t want to miss Falafelbaren, they make the best falafel in Stockholm. Their menu includes an array of falafel combinations: have it in pita bread, in a wrap, with French fries or as a salad with pickled cabbage, hummus and tahini dressing. Deeeelish!

: Luntmakargatan 74 | Website: Laowai.se

Lao Wai serve traditional Chinese vegetarian cuisine. They’re completely vegan with no meat, fish, eggs or milk in their kitchen. They are very particular about using good and fresh ingredients, and refrain from use of low-quality substitutes.

Vegan in Stockholm: FARANG // https://bananabloom.com #vegan #restaurant #stockholm

Location: Tulegatan 7 | Website: Farang.se

You might be surprised to learn that fine dining restaurant Farang offer a completely vegan set menu, as well as several vegan options on their á la carte menu. I wrote a post about my dining experience at Farang (check it out here). If you’re looking for a fancy or romantic vegan dinner venue then Farang is the place to go!

Location: Kungstensgatan 60

O Mamma Mia offer an impressive menu including around 30 different completely vegan pizzas. The pizzas are topped with fresh vegetables, vegan cheese and vegan meat substitutes. The combinations are endless so expect to be spoiled for choice!

Location: Fjällgatan 23B | WebsiteHermans

Vegetarian restaurant with a view overlooking the city. Beautiful and delicious daily buffet of vegetarian food, but go on Wednesdays for “Vegan Wednesdays” when the buffet is all vegan. In the summer time their patio is open and they barbecue daily.



Location: Hornstull shopping centre | Website: Klangmarket.se

Café and restaurant where you can grab a glass of wine or beer with your food, simple dishes with vegan options on the menu. Try their delicious tabbouleh with grilled aubergine and beet hummus.

Location: Hornsgatan 180 | WebsiteTexaslonghorn.se

Texas Longhorn is probably the last place you’d expect to have anything remotely vegan on their menu, but – believe it or not – their restaurant in Hornstull have a vegan burger on the menu!

Location: Hornsgatan 80, Bysistorget

Small lunch restaurant that offer a daily buffet of delicious vegetarian and vegan food.

Location: Bergsunds strand 31 | WebsiteVurma.se

The menu at café Vurma in Hornstull includes simple café dishes such as salads, soups, sandwiches, cakes and other sweets, with several vegan options on offer both in the savoury and sweet department.

Juiceverket // http://BananaBloom.com #juiceverket #stockholm #vegan

Location: 5 locations, see below | WebsiteJuiceverket.se

Juiceverket offer delicious blends of fresh juices and smoothies. Their menu also includes “flips” (warmed fresh juices), coffee, tea, and simple sandwiches (which can be made vegan). Juiceverket is available at five locations: Gamla Brogata 30 (Klara), Högbergsgatan 37 (just off Götgatsbacken), Långholmsgatan 19 (Hornstull), Nortullsgatan 21 (Odenplan), Norrlandsgatan 13 (City Centre).

Location: Rehnsgatan 24 | Website: Organicgreen.se

Small vegetarian/vegan café and restaurant with simple café food such as soups, raw food salads and sandwiches on the menu.

Vegan in Stockholm: Vegan Schmegan Food Truck // https://bananabloom.com #vegan #foodtruck #stockholm

Location: On the streets of Stockholm

In the Spring and Summer you’ll also find vegan food trucks circling around town, like Odjuret, Vegan Soul Train and Vegan Schmegan. Common stops are at the Hornstull market (food and flee market that runs every Sunday during the summer) and outside Goodstore on Hornsgatan (also Hornstull).


Have I missed your favourite place? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new places to try.


  1. wow so many good options!
    I want to try them, but glad you get to try them ;)

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  3. Terese Malm Reply

    Jag är inte så ofta på södersidan eller dom andra ställena du nämde.
    Fanns det några som du tyckte var bra på Östermalm och Centrum ??
    Du verkar ha god koll på det hela :) tack för inlägget, bor på Irland.
    Här har dom definitivt inte kommit så långt som i STO

    • Hej Terese,

      Åh, det finns så mycket bra överallt i Stockholm (även om Söder är lite av ett vego-heaven). Runt Östermalm och City finns bland annat Pepstop på Riddargatan 3A, nyöppnade Food Matters på Vasagatan 38, Bagel Street Hötorget ska ha tagit över menyn som fanns i Hornstull (dvs. flera veganska bagels på menyn), Citykonditoriet på Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10 (3 tr) ska ha veganska bakverk av olika slag, Zocaló i K25 på Kungsgatan har veganska alternativ (burrito m.m), Vurma på Birger Jarlsgatan har några veganska alternativ, Martins gröna på Regeringsgatan 1 har vegansk husman, Koloni på Biblioteksgatan har hälsosam och vegansk mat, i Åhléns City har du också Systrarna Voltaire där det finns veganska alternativ (högst upp i Åhléns City). Listan kan göras lååång som du märker. :) Är det någon särskild typ av mat eller något mer exakt område/gata du tänker på?

      Hoppas att de blir bättre på vego på Irland också!


  4. Hej
    Ja jag tycker att du skulle kunna lägga till följande ställen till din veganguide:

    The Plant


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