Acai Bowl // #health #acaibowl #vegan

They’re the new black in the health and fitness industry and have been so in-your-face all over social media that I doubt anyone has been able to dodge the talk of them. I’m referring to acai bowls, of course. Those purple bowls containing the expensive -but nutritious – acai berries. A spoonful will give you magical unicorn powers, they say. Or perhaps just break your bank.

I think it’s their Instagram-able-ness that has made acai bowls so popular. Their pretty composition makes them so photogenic that people are snapping and sharing these bowls like wildfire. Clearly, I too was unable to resist and whipped out my phone to capture the above shot of the bowl I got with my brunch order at Koffie in Stockholm a couple of weekends ago.

Despite being passionate about health and fitness (and having an Instagram account full of well-placed food), I had yet to try an acai bowl. My verdict? It was as I’d imagined from the pictures I’d seen. It tasted like a blueberry smoothie topped with banana and crunchy buckwheat.  Not bad by any means, but it didn’t blow my mind more than a blueberry smoothie topped with banana and crunchy buckwheat would.

Aside from this centre of attention, my brunch included a green juice, seed crackers with avocado and arugula, and a strong shot of ginger juice. A very tasty brunch which definitely aligned with my preferences; healthy, filling, nutritious, a touch of sweet and a mix of several different things to dig into. On the downside was the price: 199 SEK (about $24).

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