Beauty: Nail Polish from Color Club // #style #beauty #nailpolish #colorclub

I have a thing for nail polish, which you’d find hard to believe if you know what a chore I consider the actual act of painting my nails. It just takes so long and I can’t do anything else while my nails dry. Sitting still and doing nothing is not my strong suit. And I always seem to paint my nails right before I get a dying urge to pee, rendering my meticulous painting job a mess.

Despite this, I get completely sucked in whenever I pass a wall of nail lacquer. The endless rows of shimmering, glittery hues just does something to me. And I’m not alone in this, I’ve excited friends by bringing out my box of nail polish and watched as everyone dives in at once to claim their favourite shade.

The other day I came across the nail polish brand Color Club and was mesmerised as I scrolled through their site. Ermahgerd! ALLOFTHECOLORS! GLITTER! METALLIC! And the fabulous names christening each shade; Trippie Hippie, Yum Gum, Kapow!, Halo GraphicPoptastic, Flamboyant… don’t mind if I do!

I circled in on my favourites (seen above) and was thisclose to ordering when I discovered that they don’t ship internationally… Good news for US residents, you’re eligible to go bananas on their assortment! As for the rest of you, hang your head in sorrow and forget you ever read this post.

P.S Yes, they’re vegan friendly (Color Club products are never tested on animals).

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