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I’m definitely a morning person. Regardless of if it’s a work day or weekend, I’m up early. In fact, I set my alarm clock on my days off to make sure I’m up bright and early (7 am on a day off, that is). I love my routine, it allows me to start my day at a relaxing pace.

Another reason I get up early is to go to the gym. I’ve already described my methods of How to exercise early in the morning, but here are 7 benefits of morning workouts:

1. Get it while it’s hot

I find that I have the most energy and motivation to exercise in the morning before I do anything else. If I leave my workout until the end of the day, I’ve had the whole day to come up with excuses; I’m too too tired, I’ve got a headache, there’s too many people in the gym or I don’t have time.

2. Done and dusted

My workout is completed before most people are up in the morning. It’s a great feeling to come into work in the morning, knowing that I’ve tackled a great sweat session and can go home after work and relax, satisfied that I’ve already completed my training and don’t have to stress to fit it in in the evening.

3. Workout to wake up

No matter how much of a struggle it’s been to haul myself to the gym in the morning, I’m wide awake by the end of my session. My early routine is so ingrained that I actually feel more tired on the days that I haven’t got my morning sweat in. Getting my endorphins pumping in the early hours of the day wakes me up and makes me feel energetic all day.

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4. Empty gym

Nobody likes a crowded gym where there’s a constant struggle to get the equipment and space you need. One sure way to avoid the crowds is to go as early as possible in the morning. I’m at the gym when they open at 6 am and I’m rarely sharing it with more than 5 or 6 people. When I go on weekends I often get the gym completely to myself.

5. Better sleep

The few times I exercise late in the evening, I find that I struggle to fall asleep. The endorphins from my workout are buzzing through my body and I find myself tossing and turning for what feels like hours. If I’ve tackled my training early, followed by a busy day, I’m ready to hit the hay at a good hour and can get enough sleep before my alarm clock goes off again the next morning.

6. More time for other activities

If you’ve got your exercise out of the way before the day has even started, you’ll naturally have more time for the other things you want to do. Considering that most people won’t even be up before you’re done with your session, you’ll have plenty of time to chill before meeting a friend or before the shops open. Likewise, your free time after work or school is open for anything you desire to do.

7. More time for several workouts in a day

For a while now I’ve been doing several sessions of resistance training (callisthenics), long power walks and HIIT training each week. Fitting all my workouts in can feel a bit overwhelming and difficult, but knocking off a session in the morning gives me time to go for a power walk or do HIIT after work if I feel like it.

Have you ever exercised early in the morning?

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