The Plant Based Christmas Baking E-book by Banana Bloom |

I’ve got some exciting news for you and your Christmas baking (cause you are going to be Christmas baking, right?)

Let’s face it, December can be a crazy hectic and stressful month. There’s gift shopping and wrapping that needs to be done, friends and family to organise, work to finish up, travel plans to be sorted out, name tags, stockings, outfits, and decorating.

Oh, and Christmas baking!

If you’re totally stressing about getting everything done, then I’ve got something that might make it a tiny bit easier on you. I’ve put together a free little e-book of plant based (that’s 100 percent vegan) Christmas recipes!

Inside, you’ll find chocolate galore, cookies, raw food recipes, and lots of cute truffles that are perfect on the dessert table and double up as great gifts! Click here to get your free copy of Plant Based Christmas Baking now! Edit: The book is no longer available via this link, but feel free to email me and I’ll send you a copy of the e-book!

The Plant Based Christmas Baking E-book by Banana Bloom |

Are you giving away home baked sweets as gifts for Christmas this year?

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