Each month I put together a playlist for you to enjoy, and I like to give each playlist a theme. Last month the playlist theme was yoga and this month is: September Focus Playlist.

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Whenever I need to get into my flow – whether it be writing, crafty projects, or work – I like to put on my focus playlist that helps me get into my groove. Now I want to share this list with you. I hope it will allow you to get into your flow and create magical things. Maybe it’ll introduce you to some new music too!

My playlists are always a mix of different artists and styles of music. The September Focus Playlist features artists like Robyn, Fleurie, The Rigs, Lorde, Jason Mraz, Muse and The Acid, among many others.

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  1. Thank you so much for lovely and colorful inspiration! <3 Looking forward to listening to the playlists. /@.

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